I am having difficulties setting up the page rules.
eSpace: My_eSpace
Web Screen: MyScreen
URL Pattern: /MyScren/{UserName}
with this configuration works well with link: www.domain.com/MyScren/UserName
but I want to remove the screen name fom url, and put only www.domain.com/UserName
but if i change the "URL Pattern: {UserName}", all links are redirected to my web screen "MyScreen"
can anyone help?
I have a solution that is in my "MyScreen" always do the redirect if not a UserName, but not like this solution!!! I think it can be solved only in ServiceCenter.

any suggestions?
From what I understand, you've added a site rule (for configuring the root application), and a page rule (which matches any /{Username} URL in your root eSpace).

I'm not sure if you can configure the behavior you want in SC, as the corresponding rule would match any link in the eSpace, as you describe. Is it an option using something like /Go/{Username} or /Login/{Username} in your page rule?
Hi Paulo,

if i configure something like /Go/{Username} or /Login/{Username} works well.
in my case i have a screen "User" and use a /User/{Username}  and if i try www.domain.com/User/UserName works.

but the result I wanted was www.domain.com/UserName without "/User/", but if i add a  /{Username} in URL not working because if i have a link to "page.aspx" it assumes that "page.aspx" is a UserName.

it seems not to be possible to configure page rules to root, any suggestions?