SQL 2008 and OS 4.2

Hi to all,
Prior to the upgrade from OS 4.2 to OS 7.0 i would like to upgrade the sql servers to the 2008 edition before upgrading the OS software.
I have done this for 1 server at the moment.
I have changed the compatipility from 80 to 100 in sql for the OS database.
So at this point i'm running the 4.2 enviroment together with the 2008 sql server.
All seems to work fine at this moment, so i'm on the point of doing this for the rest of the servers (including production).
The requirement documentation doesn't  mention 2008, only 2005.
So my question:
- Anyone with experience with this
- Any reason why i should'n go ahead with this

Best regards
Hello Michiel

Thank you for your contact. Agile Platform 4.2 did not support SQL Server 2008 or higher - only SQL Server 2005 and 2000 were supported. Also, in earlier revisions of 4.2 it would actually not work at all with SQL Server 2008 due to differences in some internal primitives related to security.

You can do as you indicate in all environments except production - even if something malfunctions, it will be temporary. So for dev, quality, ... you can first upgrade SQL Server and then upgrade all environments 4.2 -> 7.0.

I advise against doing it in production. Please bear in mind that Agile Platform 4.2 is no longer supported by OutSystems and was not supported in SQL Server 2008 - so if you run into problems in production with 4.2 running in SQL Server 2008 your will be "on your own" regarding official support from OutSystems.

As an alternative for production I suggest you upgrade both SQL Server and Agile Platform at the same time.
To make it faster you can for example install a separate SQL Server 2008 instance in the same database machine, detach/attach the database in the new instance and then do the platform upgrade.
Please note that the path 2005 -> 2008 is one-way only: you cannot detach a database from SQL Server 2008 and re-attach it in SQL Server 2005. If something goes wrong make sure that you have a backup created in SQL Server 2005 that you can restore to the old instance when rolling back.


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