Hi guys, I would like to permite my clientes type without hours and front of my input, put others two components to type hour and minute separetaly.

If you look my field Data & Hora you will see 29/11/2012 and hour 15 : 30. first I need to know how to remove hour from input, and I thing that hour I will need two more inputs and in my save action encode date and time. So how can I do this?

1 - Remove time from input
2 - Enconde my date and time in save action to put in one field of my table.

Hi Alexandre,

1- In the calendar widget you have a parameter which is "ShowTime", turn it to False, but if you already do that then you have to create a Local Variable with type Date and set it to the Input_Calendar. To save that Local Variable, in your "Save" you assign that Local Variable to the Edit' Record Variable (assuming it you are using);

2- In Built-in functions, Data & Time, you have a function which name is "NewDateTime". With your example you will obtain something like this:
NewDateTime(2012, 11, 29, 15, 30, 00) (Y, M, D, H, Min, S);

Best Regards,
Diogo Miguel
Thanks Diogo I'll try that and put result here later. 
Hi Diogo works great, I have another doubt, the problem to me is seconds, using format I can remove seconds, but when try to type instead select date from popup, I can't press space to jum from Date to Hour in input, do you know how to solve this?

From what i understand, what you want is when you are typing the Date, if you press the space button the cursor will move to the Hour input, thats right?

Best Regards,
Diogo Miguel
Thi is it, but don't wok, strange. I don't know why.

You have to do a name to your time input, ex: time_input. After that, go to the Extend Properties of the date input and for the "keypress" event put this javascript code:

"var e = (arguments[0] || window.event);
    if(e.which == 32){
        return false;

Sorry, i made a mistake :)

Best Regards,
Diogo Miguel