Big problem with the names of tables for integration of external reporting tool

Hello guys, I have the Standard version which means that I don't have available in my license the "Database Catalog" feature and other things. 
Now i've reached the point of making reports on my application and I use the Telerik Reporting tool. 
The big problem are the names of the tables in the database, they are generated by the tool and I have no control of the names.
I'm using a Telerik ORM tool called OpenAccess where I do the mapping tables as well as in the Entity Framework, even though I check the names that were generated and do the mapping in the development environment, the time that goes into production I'm not sure how the name that will be generated, for example, today I have a table with the name Contatct1 because at some point in development I deleted and then recreated the table and it happens to dozens of others. 
So what to do? How to integrate an reporting external tool if I do not have control of the table and field names?
I guess the best the option is to use an external database, am i right?
Hi Alexandre,

You can try using SQL views. Check out the View4Entity component from Pedro Cardoso:

I didn't try it, but it should be able to generate sql views having consistent names across different environments. You should then reference the views in your report tool instead of the tables.
As I understand for each production environment after publication I run the component to generate DDL that database, it complicated huh. Thanks Paul for the tip I'll mature the idea. But if anyone else experienced this issue and can help, please do not hesitate to do it, I think this is a universal problem for everyone who has a Standard license.
Hi Alexandre,

Actually the database catalogs would not help on your problem. Think that views are the best answer you are going to get.

Also the entities names don't change after being created, so you could have a aplication to give you the mappings for your tool. Then after the production staging you would have a extra step to configure the reporting tool with that information.

João Rosado
Hi João thanks for answer but I desagree with you, database catalogs in conjunction with physical name = logical name parameter would be the perfect solution, but not having the feature views in your opinion will be the best solution?
Hi Alexandre,

Check out this post as well