Feedback_AjaxWait Locked on screen

Feedback_AjaxWait Locked on screen

I have a small problem that makes the Feedback_AjaxWait to be locked on screen.

I have two listboxes and I change records between them. When I hit the button to change from listbox1 to listbox2 I calls an action with a foreach where i select the records that are "True" and add them to the listbox2 source, removing them from listbox1 source and it refreshes the listboxes.

All it's ok, the action reaches the end and the records are exchanged between them but the Feedback_AjaxWait still remains on screen.

Any thoughts?

Hi Nuno,

Did you figure out what was happening?
By the way, what platform version are you using?

Hi Davide.

Not yet, I can't found the source of this problem. It happens in IE9 and Platform Server

Sorry for the late reply, i didn't receive the answer notification
Hi Nuno,

I wasn't able to replicate the issue using Service Studio (the one I have available here) and IE9.
Try checking for javascript errors using IE9's developer tools (accessible by pressing F12 on the page) - perhaps you have something else messing up the feedback removal.

I just checked the changelog ( and Version fixed two issues that involved AJAX Refresh. Perhaps you have spotted a new one. :)
Is upgrading to a more recent version an option?

I'm checking if the client can update the platform server because I also have problems with radio.buttons and refreshing the page that seems to be corrected in, and problems with lost session variables, but is not in my hands.
here is an eSpace where this occurs.

even in v6.0.1.24 on my local machine... maybe it's an IE problem...
I tried out the code you sent on IE9 + Service Studio + Platform Server and by clicking "Radio-Button 1" followed by "Radio-Button 3" I was able to replicate the issue! The Feedback_AjaxWait does get "locked".

When you mention v6.0.1.24 are you refering to the Service Studio or Platform Server version?
Hi Nuno,

Thanks for your sample eSpace.

Is there a reason for you to need to refresh the whole page?
You can solve the problem on your side by only refreshing the EditRecordTab5 (instead of the whole page).

I'll followup on this to see if we can prevent it from happening anyway on our side.

João Rosado
Davide, version numbers are from Platform Server.

João, I'm going to check if it doesn't happen when i'm only refreshing th editrecord. It was made refreshing only the editrecord but, if I remember right, the same thing happened.

but this still happens int other places, the first time I saw it was when changing fields between to listboxes and I only refresh the listboxes.
I was able to replicate the problem on my machine, and changing it to EditRecordTab5 it solved the problem.

(actually had to put some logic taking time inside the ajax operation ..because it was so fast that the "Loading" message didn't even show up most of the times)

João Rosado
João Rosado wrote:
You can solve the problem on your side by only refreshing the EditRecordTab5 (instead of the whole page).
 Thanks João! I also didn't know about this. :)
I changed it to the EditRecordTab5 and it's ok. But in other tab, where I have two listboxes, if I change items from listbox1 to listbox2 the same thing happens and I only refresh the div where the listboxes are.
Sample please :)
I guess it's a screen problem... I tried to make a sample but it worked fine.

Then I cut the sample listboxes and pasted it on the webscreen tab and the problem happened in the new sample listboxes.

I have several tabs and a form that works like next -> next -> finish, so I refresh the page to activate the next tab. In the tab that I have the listboxes this problem occurs. I'm trying to make a sample with the problem.
There you go. -> "so I refresh the page"

Like I said, do not refresh the page! More specifically, you cannot refresh the footer of the page.
You can create a container around your tabs and only refresh that.

João Rosado

I was almost sure that I tried to only refresh the Tab_Wrapper and it didn't worked... I guess I was wrong.

Thanks João