Is there an easy way to clone a xif?
Not really. :(


Unfortunately good old copy and paste.

Why do you want that?
I wanted to make a change to one of the systems XIF's (HTTPRequestHandler). But don't want it to be changed with a new release of the platform.
Hi Niek,

What change you are trying to do?
Cloning the HTTPRequestHandler is not a good idea since the HTTPRequestHandler code is not currently prepared to co-exist correctly if implemented in multiple extensions. This applies to some of the methods that make changes to the response header.

If you are trying to do what Joost mentioned in , we will contact shortly about it, since he also opened a support case about it.

João Rosado
Hi João,

Looks like it is the same change I wanted to make. I'll wait for the contact. Thanks.


Just to make a little correction to my last post, looks like the "co-exist" problems I was mentioning don't exist anymore on recent versions.