Publishing Solution

Publishing Solution

Hello Outsystems Family,

I need a better understanding about the "Publishing of the Solution" process.  I want to publish my main espace(Check "Publish with full compilations" and "Include Dependencies in download"). 

My main espace inherits from a particular secondary espace.  I want to publish the main espace without changing nor compiling/affecting the secondary espace in any way.  How is that done?  I do want to compile the other espaces that are related to the main espace into the publish solution, but not this particular secondary espace.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Frank, 
The 1-Click Publish operation involves the following steps:
      1. Save: Saves the eSpace in the folder you specified.
      2. Upload: Uploads the eSpace to the Platform Server you are connected to.
      3. Compile: This is executed in the Platform Server you are connected to and involves translating the oml file, handled by Service Studio, into a set of Microsoft   .NET or Java files.
     4. Deploy: Last step in the 1-Click Publish operation that updates the eSpace published version

When you publish a solution >  “Publish with full compilations” means he will republish all espaces and extensions of the solution.
"Include Dependencies in download"> has no impact on the publishing solution, only when you want to download.
If checked  - bribngs all espaces and extensions you need including references that are not in the solution but are needed.
And if I want to publish the solution withou its depedencies? It's possible?
Hi André,

Only when doing stagings via LifeTime.
In ServiceCenter solutions always republish the dependencies.

There are some improvements being made to also allow that, but it is not possible in the current version. 

João Rosado
Ok João, I'll check this lifetime feature.