Feedback message not displaying, but showing up in other eSpace!

Title pretty much says all. I'm working on a project (interactive website) and for some reason, feedback messages don't display any more. The funny thing is, as soon as I go to another eSpace on the same server, the last feedback message I was supposed to get on my project sudenly shows up!

When I view my project's references, it says I'm using Agile Platform AgilePlatform web widgets and base themes and everything I need referenced is checked. Though when I view my website / project's generated HTML source code, I don't see any reference to a Richwidgets feedback_message's CSS or Javascript file. I already tried removing and re-adding the reference to RichWidgets, to no avail...
Hi Leroy,

You need the Feedback_Message block in the page (not only the reference) for it to work.
Usually it is in the bottom of the Common/Layout_Normal block on the generated applications, but you can place it anywhere.

João Rosado
Ah, that did it, thanks. :) I probably removed it when I was redesigning the page.