Lifetime and internal network

Lifetime and internal network

Folks -

I tried setting up our servers to have the "internal network" set up, but I noticed that Lifetime was no longer available from outside of that network. Since our servers are in the cloud and we access them remotely, I want Lifetime to be available outside of the internal network.

Any suggestions?

Hi Justin

When setting up LifeTime you need to have the same concerns as with Service Center - it is a critical tool in the sense that it allows you to deploy to your environments. It's good that you are setting up Internal Network for your system.

Both LifeTime and ServiceCenter are under internal network - so the behavior is expected. The setting is global to the platform - you cannot enable Internal Network for ServiceCenter but leave it disabled for LifeTime - once you enable it, it is valid for all eSpaces under it.

The solution for your setup is the same as for Service Center - you need to add the IP address/range of the places you will be accessing. For your scenario it will probably be enough to add the public outgoing IP of your "office site(s)" to the internal network setting - it is what we have in place @ OutSystems for our cloud properties and it works pretty well.

if you have any questions please let us know.

Acacio -

Too many of the people working on this project work from home, with DHCP addresses, so having Service Center and Lifetime inaccessible won't work. I'll just make my own list of addresses for the things I need to secure, and have them check that list when they are called.