And now for something completely different ...

And now for something completely different ...

Davide here! :)
As some of you already know I recently received the Community Manager token from Miguel Melo.

(the moment was captured for eternity by Gonçalo Martins)

What most of you don't know is that there's also a dark side to this role. Being a "manager" means I cannot use Service Studio from 9AM to 18PM (this makes it hard for my inner geek to get by). The only thing keeping my moral up is the realization that I was handed the keys to make you happy

Here's my first try. Let's see how it goes!

Just before summer we took a close look at our community site and realized that in the past 4 years we had created A LOT of legacy (a.k.a. code) which brought down the performance of the site, made it hard to use, and overall decreased its value.
We also looked at all the feedback you gave in countless forum discussions and at our long wish list of improvements... and decided that it was time to deliver an "extreme makeover".

Today, I'm happy to announce that a project to improve the community website is underway. In fact, it actually started 2 weeks ago and we just finished our first internal demo to the project team!

(here's what our drawing board looks like)

We are using the same methodology and process we use when delivering projects for our customers. 
In this project we will have three sprints of 2 weeks each, 3 demos to the "business" users and a 1 week tuning sprint. The target delivery date is the week of January 28, 2013. 
Here's an overview of the project status:

Our goals with this project are to improve content readability, make it easier to find what you need, and address performance issues. Overall we want you to have a great user experience!
Here's an overview of what's brewing:
    - a revamped Information Architecture which clearly divides the "Community" and "Agile Network" experiences;
    - a slick new user interface
    - a new academy experience
    - and a lot more we don't want to give away just yet ;)
Stay tunned for more details!
Hi David..

First of all welcome and good luck for this challenge..
Congratulations for your first my opinion it's really an excelent time to give a new look to our community :)
Ohh..and that's the moment captured by me, before I applied the Photoshop
Really, thanks for remember my humble tribute to Miguel and ,my manner to say 'welcome' in a comical but meaningful way..It's a honour for me.
Hope this picture can be remembered during a few years to represent the beginning of your new role.

Gonçalo Martins
Congratulations Davide.

Here in the IT team we're here to give all the support you need on your new challenge. I'm truly happy you enjoyed the demo. Let's push forward to transform our Community Website in a new and revamped experience to our friends!

Kind Regards!

Thanks Gonçalo and Fábio!

@Gonçalo the credit should really go to everyone that planned, designed and gave feedback on this revamp during these last few months - I just caught an already moving train of community site improvements. I'll try to convince them to drop by.

@Fábio lets get to it! :)

Quick edit: the tuning sprint will have a duration of 1 week and not 4 weeks as previously written.