In a project I was participating last year, I had the need to show some big numbers, like in millions, in a readable way (pretty printed): instead of showing 1.326.279 I wanted to show only 1.33M.
I scanned the network, talked with some colleagues and came to the conclusion that there was no known action that would help me to achieve the need. I ended up writing my own, which as you may guess, led to a waste of time and effort to code something that most probably someone else already as written.

So, in order to help us all in not reinventing the wheel, I challenge all of you fellow Agile Practitioners to contribute to the newly created project “Essentials” that I’ve started it with this “Pretty Print” action.

Go to Forge, join the team, pick up at least one of your top reused actions and add it.

Great idea Pedro. I started working on a utility function I need for one Agile project. This function should be able to convert a date Text to date value but can deal with the date text in any format not just the yyyy-mm-dd If I finish this function I will sure add it to your Essentials.
Hi Shraim!

That's just great! I would love to see you join the team and publish a new version with your contribute.

BTW: I've noticed that you had some trouble with View4Entity. I'll try to get to it soon.