predictive searching from database?

predictive searching from database?

Hi all,
I am looking to build an application that requires predictive searching on statements saved in DB. Can you tell me is that possible in here. if Yes how!!!
I am totally new to this and would really appreciate any kind of suggestions.
Hi Anshul,

First of all, welcome to the community.

I never build an application that used predictive searching, but you can find here a very pretty example of a similar result.

Paulo Garrudo
Hi Anshul Chawla,

For this requirement I think (if I understood it) you can use a widget from Richwidgets called "Input_AutoComplete" which shows a list of options in a dropdown that match what the user types on an input widget.
It's simple to use and does the job...other option is to create your own widget using fo example a jQuery plugin.
Just a note: be careful about the size of your data set because with a huge number of records you'll get a bad performance.

Best Regards,
Gonçalo Martins