Need your help to implement that treeview and multiple component from other tabl

I've the database it consist of star schema.

So hope you please see that I attached the pdf file of first page I asking you.

There(First page of the PDF file) is 'Personality' table it related many other tables by one to many relationship.

And I need your help to implement twice. one that I want to implementation is CRUD of multiple component from my schema. and other one is CRUD of treeview control using by recursive database relationship it could see the PDF file that I attached of first page at 'Personality' table.

1. When I want to make the page that I could to multiple input data at the just one of personality page it called from 'Personality','PhoneNumber','EmailAddress','Address' tables same like second page of the PDF file.

Please see the pdf file I attached of second page.

I want to make the 'Create Person Information' page could multiple CRUD of input data boxes of Goup, PhoneNumber, Address, EmailAddress component by 'plus icon it colored green' and it could delete multiple input data by 'minors icon it colored red'.

2. And I want could CRUD of treeview data when the table have a recursive database relationship in the list-detail view page same like PDF file of third page. Please see the pdf file I attached of third page.

There have a treeview it named 'Group Tree View'. As you could see the 'Read Person Information Page' of Group Tree View', I hope it to make implementation of graphical(?) treeview.
Need your help to implement that I wanted features using by Agile-platform.
Please advise how could implement it.




Hi David,

From my understanding of your questions you need help on how to create CRUD screens from tables and how to use a group tree view.

To help you create CRUDs you can check the Agile Platform tutorials on the help->How to's separator here you can find rich step-by-step tutorials to help you with this question.
Addionaly you can also use the free online trainning to see more tutorials and examples built with the Agile Platform:

For the second question probably you want to check the following post: .

Best Regards,