Bits & Bijt XL - Developers meetup in the Netherlands - February 14, 2013

Bits & Bijt XL - Developers meetup in the Netherlands - February 14, 2013

We have just released our myNextStep 2013 agenda that includes Bits & Bijt XL!
On February 14, we have our annual event and the Developer Track is awesome:

Designing a great architecture in 30 minutes

by Francisco Menezes, OutSystems

Grids and Visual Hierarchy in Highly Usable Apps
by Rúben Gonçalves, OutSystems

LifeTime Deep Dive
by Márcio Spínola, OutSystems

The Developer's Ninja Way
by António Chinita, Normática

OutSystems Community - Where Next?
by Davide Marquês, OutSystems

Check out all the details here:  

What is the "Designing architecture" session about ?
Is it the 4-layer architecture OutSystems proposes to use or something else ?

This because there already have been several sessions about the 4-layers

Think that's indeed the 4-layer architecture presentation. Since Francisco is also the person who presentated it before.

Kind regards,

*thursday grmbls*

Will see if I can switch some so I can be there ;)


We're working with Francisco so that his session on "Great Architecture" has a more technical angle. This way, there won't be an overlap with the session from the Business track. We will keep you posted :)

Looking forward for your registration! :)
Hi guys,

Have you thought about who you're going to bring to the event?
Perhaps you have a friend or two still missing out on the OutSystems experience... Bring them along and we'll make sure they have a great time! :)

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See ya there!
Davide Marquês wrote:
Hi guys,

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See ya there!
It's getting better and better organised (-:

Kind regards,
This is a great Dev track lign-up! Wish I could come up with some excuse to fly out and attend! :)

Thumbs up guys,

With the new community site now live (and most critical fixes underway) it's now time to plan for the next iteration!

How's the community doing? What's features are missing? And most important: Where next?

Join me on Bits & Bijt XL for the answers. ;)
It's Going to be an Awesome afternoon!
I'm actually working on my LifeTime overview right now! I'll try to review LifeTime end-to-end and show what "Simplicity" stands for! I'm also planning to show what's new from recent version 7.0.1 :)

Does anyone has any particular request to include on my session?
Beware I am coming!! (a bit late, but still coming :) )

Oh and I bring my own badge (since the last time.... *hides*)
Hi guys,

Thanks for joining us in a great wave event! :)

It was very cool to get to personally know the community members and get direct input on the new community site.
I also enjoyed meeting some of our lurkers, whom I'd like to invite to come along and do their first post here. ;)

We'll upload the presentations materials and videos in the upcoming week. In the meanwhile let us know what liked/disliked on the event.

Happy waves!

Hi Davide,

I liked the venue, beautiful but definitely missed the actual "hands-on" parts in the presentations.
Too much theory and too less IDE :-)

I especially liked the 'Grids and Visual Hierarchy in Highly Usable Apps' presentation by Rúben Gonçalves.
Does anyone know where I can download the CSS that he used for his grids?
Hi Lennart!

I'm happy that you like my presentation! :)
Regarding the used grid, I was using a 12 column grid with 60px columns and 20px gutters (total usable area 960px).

There are multiple places where you get (or even generate) the grid that you want to use:
960 grid system
- CSS grid
Golden grid System
- modular grid

After getting the css, you just need to bring it to the platform and start using it!

Hope it helped!

So when can we download that awesome 4-layer poster to place our post-its on?


Here is the Poster, in attachment.

Happy posting-it!

Now only the movie of António Chinita performing a proper ninja move in ninja style "the crane kick" ;)

Idk if that should be disclosed, ninja skills are prrecious... Maybe the smeagol move can be arranjed... :D