Dynamic External MS SQL Database Connections

Dynamic External MS SQL Database Connections

I have created an integration between my app, and an external MS SQL Database. Everything is working as expected.

My issue is that I need to create a dynamic database connection so that I can connect to either the TEST database or the LIVE database. Since you are specifically referencing Entities (tables and/or views) in Integration studio, and thus using this reference in your app, I don’t seem to be able to change the database/table location dynamically. My aim would be to create a simple dropdown menu which the user selects and thus would be using this connection with the Agile App. So, if the user clicks on “TEST” from the menu, the app would then connect to the TEST database in the MS SQL server.

Things I should note:
-          Both databases have the exact same structure. The TEST will always be a replicate of the LIVE.
-          Both databases are within the same sever.

Any help would be appreciated.
Robbie -

I would suggest that you have two environments for OutSystems, one "test" one "production". Then you can configure the database connection in Service Center to point to the right database for the environment, and have the integration use the same logical connection, with no switching needed. Separating test & live is pretty important anyways.