Table record item select in Google Chrome

Table record item select in Google Chrome

I have come across a very strange and possibly disastrous issue with my app.
All of a sudden, row elements in a table cannot be selected in Google Chrome (Version 24.0.1312.52 m). Nothing happens when you click on the row.

I have a container around each row, with an on-click destination action. This was used to allow the user to click on the row, rather than the individual elements in the columns. This was working great, up until today. 

I have tested in Firefox and all is working as expected, just not Google Chrome.
On the iphone5, the app is working on safari and chrome. So its just the desktop version of google chrome.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Could it be due to a new version of Chrome? I currently have the ;atest version running.

Hi Robbie,

Google Chrome version 24 introduced some changes that broke some of the AJAX patterns. We detected & fixed this problem some months ago when this "change" was introduced in the Chrome development channel.

Can you check if you are using the latest Agile Platform revision where this AJAX problem should already be fixed?

João Portela