Un-Orphan eSpace

Un-Orphan eSpace

Good morning,

There's hopefully a simple answer to this question however I'm unable to solve it myself:

I have an eSpace which has become orphaned and is showing under the Independent Modules application in Service Centre.

According to the documentation:

"You should avoid having Independent Modules by creating specific applications for orphan modules."

However I am unable to work out how do to this? I've created a new, empty Application using Service Studio but I cannot find any way through Service Centre to move the eSpace form the Independent Module Application to this Application.

Can anyone assist?

Never mind - found the answer!

For those that wish to know and find this question in the future:
  1. In Service Studio goto Independed Modules Application.
  2. Hover over the eSpace module you wish to move until a down arrow appears.
  3. Click the arrow and you will see an option which reads Move to Another Application - click it.
  4. Select the application you wish to move the eSpace to and click OK.
  5. That's it - you're all set!
not sure if you can do it via service-center.

Via service studio you can.
ack, too late :)
Many Thanks!
hey thanks for giving your overview on this topic.
Thanks you very much