'Building an app in 5 minutes' step-dialog disappearing (orange arrow visible)

'Building an app in 5 minutes' step-dialog disappearing (orange arrow visible)

Im am new to Outsystems and eager to learn it. But the build-in teacher stops working after a few steps. When I click on the option 'Learn how to build an app in 5 minutes' my teacher guides me through the process of creating an application. As soon as I create a new eSpace and name it the eSpace builder opens and a dialog with arrow is visible. After a view seconds the dialog dissappears and the orange arrow keeps on 'jumping'  up an down (wating for my next move). But I don' t know what the next move should be. So we are in a deadlock situation. Can anyone help me to let my teacher continue teaching?
I am using Windows 7, Service Studio 7 and the latest IExplorer I installed Service Studio 7 several times on a clean Windows 7 install but get the same result.

Please see attached picture. This is what I get and there is no way to get the step-dialog back in the window. All I see is the orange arrow jumping up and down ;o(

A work around for me is visiting the online academy (http://www.outsystems.com/training) and follow the steps. But I still wonder why the interactive tutor stops working after several steps. I tried other lessons but they show the same problem.
Hello Bert,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Can you please check what is the exact Service Studio version you are using? You can find it at Help>About.

You will probably like to know that today we've updated the online training with a set of video lessons. Try these out, they are great for learning!