How to get ESpace Version

How to get ESpace Version

Hi All,

I'm trying to get the espace version to use inside my application. I want to display it on the screen so that users know when a new build has been released. I tried referencing the Espace and Espace_Version entity and doing queries from it as well as using the built in actions for those but when I publish I get the error that I am not allowed to use those Entities. 

Any ideas how I can get at the Espace version?
Hi Chris,

As far as I know there shouldn't be a problem in using those 2 entities.
Maybe you refrerenced all the system entities? Try to only reference the ones you need.

João Rosado
I only grabbed those two, Espace and Espace_Version as references and I think I fgured out the issue. My user account did not have access to system entities in Service Center. Sorry about that, the error just didn't seem to indicate that so I had no clue. Thanks for your help.