Is there any way to get same copy from outsystems documentation to be accessed offline (like, PDF,...) instead of onlin help.
Hi Mohamed,

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All the Documentation is only online.

You can download a set of Technical Notes from the following location:

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Gonçalo Martins
Welcome Mohamed,

you should have a copy of the "Online Help" in your Outsystems instalation folder in *.chm format (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help).

If you didn't change the destination folder during installation look for the file named oss.chm in C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Service Studio 7.0.

João Heleno
Thank you :)
Hi everyone!

Actually, you can find Service Studio help as a CHM file in Service Studio directory (normally C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Service Studio 7.0).

@Mohamed, may I ask why you need this?

Sometimes I missed the internet, or I was in uncoverage  area 
I see... Thank you for your reply!
Hi Mohamed,

You can configure Service Studio to use the local help file, just follow these instructions.
You can always revert to the online help.