Dynamic Grid

Hello all.

a few days ago I was asked about away to build a grid that would grow in columns.

I've produced the eSpace attached. It show a grid with config languages as columns and developers as rows. You can add developers and technologies as needed.

It is simple, but aI believe also effective. 

I used a list record that goes around a query result adding containers as if they are cells. In each cell I add a space or a checkmarkif the developer hhas not, or has that particular skill.  This skill containers have a CSS class with float left.

Whenever I found a new query result that's from a different developer, I just add a new container with CSS class that has clear left and a new row is created.

That's it!

Hope it helps!

Hi Pedro,

I already try it and it works like a charm..
Sure it'll be pretty useful to a lot of guys here in the community.
Well done ;)

This should be added to Forge B-)
Hi Rebecca,

this is more a how-to, because it is not a component, it is just an example.