Hi guys,

I have a screen with a lot of images, and i want to display them inline.
What i have now is this:

and i want this:
img1     img2    img3


I have one List Record to show the images.
I had tried to put the images inside a Container and set de float to left, the display inline.
Can someone help me?

Kind Regards,
Diogo Miguel
Hello Diogo,

  The best way is to set the style for each element "display:inline-block;". If you are using IE browsers you must use the style "float:left;".

Best Regards,
André Pereira
Hi André,

Thanks André.
My principal problem is how i can display only 3 images for line.

P.s: I found the solution. List Records inside a container and a container inside the list records, where the out container have a width and the in container had this width/3, to force a break line. Worked with Chrome, IE and FireFox.

Kind Regards,
Diogo Miguel