Find my posts on new community?

Find my posts on new community?

How can do a simple search to find my own community posts? I posted a question yesterday on the old community, but I don't remember the title I gave it. Is there a "My Posts" type section somewhere to let me see my own posts quickly? I appologize in advanced if I am missing something right in front of me.
Go to your user detail and then click "Forums"
Thank you. I did that. This post shows up there now, but the one I created yesterday does not. Bummer, it looks like my post didn't get carried over or something :-/
Is there any way to find my old post? On a cached browser session of the old community, I still see my post on the screen. The link is

Does it still exist, or am I going to have to repost the whole thing?
Humm that's weird, I've already told Davide to check it out :) 
thanks! I'll wait a bit to see if you figure something out before I repost.
Attached is the cached screen showing my post, if it helps.
Hi Guy,

Your original post is in the database and we're checking to see why it's not showing up.
When we fix the issue it will be available here:

I'll let you know when it's ok.
Hi Guy,

We won't be able to fix this for now. Could you please repost it?
Here is the original content:
I am getting the following error during Service Center installation through Configuration Tool on a first time install
" [Error] Error message from node vg_shelby1 ( Deployment failed
Deployment failed. Could not invoke ping. Exception: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send."
I am installing per check list for Deployment Server + database server. Any ideas on what my problem is?-----------------

Sorry for the trouble.
Thanks for giving me the content! That makes the repost much easier :)