13.4 Manage Users and Groups


Is it possible to programatically assign/delete users and roles to groups?

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Joaquim Gonçalves

Yes it is. You can use the Users API for this purpose.
Hi André,

Sorry to ask again but I really can figure which actions do that. Can you hekp me with the name of the action that allows to add a user and/or a role to a specific group?

You are right there are no methods for that task in particular. Alternatively you can explore the platform metamodel... You need to add a reference to the Group_User and Group_Role system entities. Then you can add records to these assuming you have the UserId and the GroupId or the RoleId
I'm just wondering if it is possible to assign the userId to the entities that we manualy create um our application.
For example I'm traying to create an application for a sport team that I'm in. It is an application that will keep track of the athletes progressions and payments and that kind of stuff. And I want to the athletes to login to the application and have access to their information, like payments made, payments that are behind schedule, etc.  
Is it possible to assign the userId of the login to the entities that are created manualy ?

Hi Bruno,

I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but... yes you can create an attribute in your entities which is of data type User Identifier.
How to add timer here?.. Timer for Images or texts.

Hi pankaj,

I don't realy understand what you want to do :(
Anyway here's a help topic about timers that might help you.