Screen manipulation

quick question, is the following safe, or could the user manipulate it?:
- webblock with input parameter "Edit" which is set within the webscreen
- the webblock contains a list of input fields, with a IFwidget around them
- if edit is true, the input fields are shown, otherwhise only the value is shown

assuming the input variable is supplied correctly,
could the user manipulate the fields, to still be able to edit something?

those of you familiar with SAP, would remember this from SE16 /h =)

thank you

The "if" decision is made before the page is redered and the "loosing" condition is never included in the HTML code. You can check this yourself by building an empty webscreen with just an "if" condition with two text fields. if you look at the rendered page code you won't see the "loosing" condition.

thank you for the tip joao!
Can this be moved to normal forums, not really a forge thingy?