Hi guys,

After talking to some of you, we realized that there are people using LifeTime but don't know that it has documentation available at http://www.outsystems.com/help/lifetime/7.0/
There are two great things about LifeTime documentation:
  • LifeTime has contextual help. If you click in the help button on the top right corner of the screen, you have access to the help page relevant to the screen you are in.

  • The LifeTime help is written with user stories in mind, so it is not the typical reference documentation you are used to.

Below is a sample of the use cases you can find documented in LifeTime help.



Deploy an Application


Apply a Hotfix

Tag a Version


Repair Deployed Applications

Deploy an Application with Dependencies


Refactor an Application

Plan a Deployment for the Operations Team


Rollback to a Previous Version

Deploy in a Short Deployment Window



Deploy to an Environment with Applications with Errors




Users & Roles

Configure Security for an Infrastructure

Create a Role

Manage IT Users


Configure Security for an Infrastructure

Create a Role