Issue with 'infix' in physical table name when renaming eSpace

Issue with 'infix' in physical table name when renaming eSpace


Since some versions it's possible to change the name of an already published eSpace. When you do this, you'll notice that all new entities of that eSpace will be getting a new tabel 'infix' in their physical table name.

So, let's say I've an eSpace called 'TEST' with some entities. These entities use physical table names in the form OSUSR_ABC_<tablename>.
After renaming the (already published) eSpace to 'TEST123' I add a new entity. This entity now gets a physical table name in the form OSUSR_XYZ_<tablename>.

This seems like undesirable behaviour to me.
Hi Lennart,

Thats the current expected behavior.
Old tables (already existing in the database) keep the old prefixes, new tables will get the new prefix.

The correct way if you need to find the real table names of your entities is to use the System entities (Espace, and Entity) and query the Physical_Table_Name for your entities.

Another sugestion is to use the Sql Map component that is available in the forge:
With it you can convert Advance Sql syntax into the final queries you want to execute.

João Rosado
Hi João,

Thank you for your reaction.
I'm familiar with the architecture of an OS database. During development I often use SQL Server Management Studio to check data and queries. I find it handy to have all tables from one table grouped by their infix.

Why does the platform change the prefix when the eSpace name is changed?

Kind regards,

Hi Lennart , that prefix changes when the name changes, because it is calculated based on the name.