Hands On Training Link...

Hands On Training Link...

Can someone please tell me how I get to the old Hands On Training Modules?
Excellent question. I would also like to know if the old content is completely deprecated or not.
Hi Lisa and GP,

Thank you for your question. Indeed the old training modules are being discontinued.

Because they were mainly focused in teaching IntelliWarp which was an inefficient method to teach the fundamentals of development with the Agile Platform.

Our users normally watch the new training videos with great results. Here's how they do it:
  1. Watch the video from start to finish once.
  2. While watching, write down the questions that pop in your mind.
  3. Try to do what you've seen in the video in Service Studio. Go back to the video for reference.
  4. If you still have questions, ask. We're more than glad to help out.


P.S. You can still find the old tutorials inside Service Studio, under the OutSystems tab.