Bug found: built in function - EmailAddressValidate

Bug found: built in function - EmailAddressValidate

Bug found when using "EmailAddressValidate"


EmailAddressValidate returns true, it should return false,  - this is not a valid email address.

Hello Robert,

In fact test@test is a valid email address, you can check out a similar example in [1] (admin@mailserver1) . The domain part of the email address may contain a local address and thus not require a fully qualified domain name.

If you need further checks to be made to the syntax of email addresses you can use the regular expression actions available in the Text extension.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_address
The function returns True if EmailAddress is empty
Is this by design as well ??
Hello Ricardo

You are right.

Robert Chanphakeo
Hy everyone

About the empty email, i made the same question some time ago, and it was designed like that.


Gonçalo Cardoso
Hmmm doubtfull .... I want to make a request to change this behaviour.
Now I need to check both this and empty email address before sending an email :-(