Can multiple people work on the same e-space ?

Can multiple people work on the same e-space ?


I was just wondering if multiple people can work on the same espace and contribute to the development of the application using outsystems ?

If yes how would outsystems resolve this issue: If a person A is trying to add a web screen in e-space called "Sales Assistant" and if a person B is trying to publish the same e-space "Sales Assistant" application with his changes ? what would happen? How can Outsystems retain the Person A changes ?

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Hi Ravi,

In short, yes. Imagine this scenario:
  1. Developers Joe and Bob download version 10 of the SalesAssistant eSpace and start working on it.
  2. Joe does some changes do a screen and publishes it.
  3. Later, Bob does some changes to another screen (or action, etc...) and clicks the 1-CP button in order to publish it.

At this moment, and before Bob's version is actually deployed, he will see a message indicating that Joe already published the eSpace with his changes. So, Service Studio will ask Bob if he wants to merge his changes with Joe's version.

By choosing the merge option, Bob will be able to see all changes (tip: drilldown to see the screen content/action/etc) between the two eSpaces, and select the ones that should be kept or discarded. Normally, he would keep his changes and Joe's as well - so it's important that Bob and Joe keep working in different objects (it's a bad idea if they are working in the same screen content or action, since there will be a clash in the merge - but it will still be visible in the merge window).

Also, check out these online help topics:

Thanks Paulo for your response.