An exception occurred in the client.

Good morning
I'm getting this error in Chrome, and I have no Java Script on my screen. In the console of the browser there is no error, already restarted the platform, any idea what might be happening?

 An exception occurred in the client script.
Error: The connection to the server was reset. Server returned status OK
Hi Claudemir,

can you detail the error a little more? Does it happen with other browsers or just Chrome?

Could this have something to do with the ajax problems caused by the latest Chrome update? Check this post:
The problem only happens in Chrome, it happens as follows:
Do not fill out a required field
Trying to inform the field

When the requisition slips on a submit button the error happens.

Thank you.
have you checked the topic I've posted earlier? It looks like it has something to do with it.
I appreciate the answer, we're here doing updates, if it works I post here.
Ok, let us know how it worked out.

I have this problem only on IE using ajax when it take more than 2 minutes but in Chrome it works perfect.
Any news about this problem?


Edit: Using Service Center
If it takes more than two minutes, it's normal that a client script gives error, as the ajax call needs to timeout, can't wait forever right?
But in Chrome works great, The webpage its not block its getting information and create a record to display. Since in Chrome works why in Internet Explorer stop in the middle?
ok, that's true. what version of IE are you using? Can you trace if the server replies?