Hide table column if condition proves true

Hide table column if condition proves true

Say I have a table. And I want to hide a row in that table if something like this is true:
abc = "hello"
how would I do that?
some suggestions:

- requery where you exclude the rows you don;t want.
- loop through the list and remove the rows you don;t want to see
- in screen add some extended propertie where you set "display:none" if you don't want to see
on webscreen select the row cell, and on propertys => extended propertys 
add a property: style
value; "display:none;"

As Luís said you should select the row that you want:

Then in the extended properties use the style inline property and in the value you write your condition, controling the display or not of the row:

Hope it helps..

Kind Regards,
Gonçalo Martins

Hi Kevin,

The best and most secure way to hide a row from a table is not to retrieve it from the database in the first place.
If you just hide the row using CSS three things happen:
  1. You actually waste time retrieving this row from the database, meaning more time to complete the request
  2. You send this data back to the client, meaning more time to complete the request and for the browser to render that data
  3. You might be having a security problem because the user has the capacity to see the data on the page source (the HTML) although it is rendered as invisible by the CSS
Edited: Hmm, just saw now that the post title mentions collumn and not row, althought the rest of the post mentions row, so now I'm puzzled... can you please clarify?

Good catch, just read the post not the title :)