email sending problem in production server

I am using an email tool for my espace in the development server and everything works fine, i received the emails but when i ported my espace to our production server i dont receive my emails. i checked my email log and every email i sent were in "pending" status. i wonder why because the smtp server i'm using is the same in both development server and production server.

would someone help me on this problem. thanks in advance!
Hi Lennard,

Any error logs?
Can the production server reach the smtp (firewalls/routings)?
All the configurations on the Service Center email configurations is the same?

If it is urgent you better contact OutSystems support.

It seems that this topic is duplicated... and I was replying in another one... anyway... my 2 cents...

Hello Lennard.
Is it possible that the smtp server you're using is blocking the emails?
Are you able to check the smtp log? Do you see connections there?
Are you able to open a telnet to smtp port using the production machine and establish a connection?
I would try to answer some of these questions before jumping to platform configurations...

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