Bread crumb style navigation in outsystems

Bread crumb style navigation in outsystems


How to implement Bread crumb style navigation in outsystems

Hi Prashanth,

This image represent de wight breadcrumbs en the scrren create computer.
1rst - link is home page
2nd- link screen Computer list
3rd- new computer

Best Regards,

Hello again Prashanth!

I'm wondering if you're thinking on a development that would build your breadcrumbs automatically?

If you do, please reconsider it. You'll be left with an huge development that will always be under maintenante.

The example that Luis gave is just a simple widget that takes labels and corresponding links and builds the breadcrumbs for you. It is by whatever means linked to the page where you're using them. You could pass it Google and as one of the levels and it would work!

So... my 2 cents.... just put up a simple web block that takes a few labels and links, and build it with expressions using links and if's. 

Anyway, if you feel that your app is too big to manage such a simple implementation, try to have it working automatically to pages that follow a certain taxonomy, like in a web shop (category > sub category > item...)