The New Community Site - Duplicate Discussions/Replies

Hi all,

As you've probably noticed we are having some duplicate discussions and replies on the forums.

Short explanation / tldr

Long / geeky explanation
The Post_CreateEdit screen currently renders the discussion page in response to the HTTP POST request that creates the new discussion/reply. When the request completes the browser stays on the same page (Post_CreateEdit.aspx).

If reply-seeking :) users happen to hit F5 on that page (and click ok on the popup) the POST request is re-sent to the server and a new discussion/reply is created without them realizing.

After the successful creation the browser should be redirected to this URI:
... where page refreshes would only issue idempotent GET requests.

The issue is queued for resolution. In the meanwhile let me know if you happen to find other ways of creating those duplicates. :)