Integration Studio DB table limitations?

Integration Studio DB table limitations?

Are there limitations on the tables that can be imported from existing MSSQL databases? I am able to import a hand full of tables in one extention, but not as many as I would like. If I pick too many, I end up with an error saying "A time-out has occurred. Compiler appears to be blocked." when I try to publish. Now I am to the point where I have a single table I really need to integrate, and I am getting this same error just trying to publish the single table. Other tables work fine. Am I doing something wrong, or is there  a limit I am hitting that I was not aware of?

Hi Guy,

According to Integration Studio 7.0 Help ( and this post you might be running into some performance issues with your server. Here follow some guesses:

- Can you monitor its CPU and memory while publishing the extension?
- Also, in your server's Task Manager, do you see anything wrong with CompilerService.exe process? Have you tried to end that process, restarting it and finally republish your extension?

Please let me know how it worked,
Hi Guy and Pedro,

As I see, this is really a performance issue, since the number of tables seems to be huge and memory problems can occur.
You can always separate the data model that you want in two extensions for performance purpose.
Please give some feedback about this.

Kind Regards,
Gonçalo M.

Pedro and Goncaio, thank your for the replies. The problem is that this vm server has 8GB ram allocated to it, and I am getting this problem now with one specific table. I have watched the performance in Task Manager, and one of the cores will occasionally spike up to 90+ percent while trying to deploy, but the second core never goes above 40%. Ram usage stays around 3GB. Is there a way to allocate more memory to Integration Studio? Or, is there something in my setup telling it to only use one of the 2 cores availible to it? I can successfully publish most other tables (putting fewer tables in each extension), however I have a single table I am trying to pull into an extention all by itself, and I am getting this problem.
Hi Guy,

I am trying hard to understand how an error in the Update Source Code stage of a publishing extension gets hanged by an foreign entity definition. I would perhaps imagine it throwing an error during the deploy phase... can you check the below, please?
   1. Try to see where the code generation/compilation hanged (there should be a local folder near the extension .xif file)? Can you see anything odd (perhaps comparing to other compiled extensions)?
   2. Since it's just a single entity, have you tried publishing the extension through Service Center, instead of Integration Studio?
   3. Finally, can you share further details on the entity you are trying to map?

Don't give up!
Hi Guy,

There shouldn't be any limit like that.
The Update Souce Code step should only take a couple seconds even with many complex entites/actions, and it looks like timing out on you.
Could you save and share your extension so we can try to compile it on our side?

João Rosado