"Site properties" for an extension

"Site properties" for an extension


Is it possible to have something like a site property for an extension.

I know I can add a parameter for *every* action which passes a site-property,
but I really want to skip adding an parameter. It makes the action more ugly.

For example, I have an extension which I call a stored procedure.
I like to log the info only when a site property is begin set.
Otherwise I do not log.


I don't think it is possible to define a site property for an extension, but you can define a site property on the Espace that uses the extension and inside the extension, get the value of that specific site property.

Please check this post: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/2803/accessing-a-site-property-inside-some-extension/

This is a quite old post, but i think is still valid.

Oh my, great find (especially with the new search!)

Too bad it will not work, because it will be a commonly used xif on multiple espaces...


Ok ... Second time i see that post linked. Time to ask for a delete.

Just for the record: the post is no longer valid and won't work on any recent version.
The only way is really to pass the site property as input.

João Rosado
Grmbl :)

Ok Thanks!