Hello Everybody,

I have a list of records in a table records widget.  Some of these records have images attached to them and are highlighted by me showing a paperclip for each record that has an image.

I would like for the user to click on that paperclip and a popup box open up and display an image attached to that particular image.

I have seen discussion where developers were using javascript to design the popup box and what shows on the popup box.  I wanted to see if there is an Outsystems widget that is already designed to do all this.  Is there?

If not, can someone show me how it is done in javascript.

Hi Frank
In this case you can use the Popup_InfoBalloon from the RichWidgets.
You only have to assign a name to your “paperlink” and link it to a new screen that will only display the image that was stored in the database.
Please notice that In this screen you only have to drag and drop the button “Image” () , set the type as “Database” and fill the other mandatory fields.
Ok, Popup_InfoBalloon is not the rich widget that I need.  I need to use the Popup_Editor.  I attach the Popup_Editor to the record in the table record widget.  When the user selects the paperclip, the paperclip sends an id to the popup screen.  The popup screen takes that id and runs a query in the preparation to query for the image of that record.

The problem is that image does not show. 

On the Image widget, I set the followling attributes:
Image - Blank
Type - Database
Filename - " "
Attribute - SummaryInfo.Images(This is the field where the image is stored.)
Entity Identifier - GetSummaryInfo.List.Current.SummaryInfo.Id

Hi Frank,

Please check the following post. http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/9475/display-generated-image/#Post30470 . It has an example how you can get a image from the database.

I think it will help, but please let me know if you still have any problem.

Best Regards
Nelson Braga