Automatic mechanism to brak lines.

Automatic mechanism to brak lines.

Hi, I have a problem with text formatting. I would like to get automatic breaking lines mechanism and I'am wondering how to do it smart. I know about escape content and newLine function but how to format it in automatic way? I've searched about it but with no effect. Maybe someone have smart solution for that problem. Thank's in advance.
Hi Rafal. 

What are you trying to accomplish? Showing a large text from the user?

I've done it in the past using a CKEditor like widget in a readonly mode. I don't know if CKEditor supports it though...
Hi Rafal,

If I understood correctly, you need to use the white-space CSS property (so that the text will automatically wrap). One way of doing it is:
  1. Adding the selector to your Style Sheet in Service Studio (use: white-space:normal).
  2. Use the class name (e.g. 'WrapText') in your widget (e.g. Container). This will affect the text inside the container.

.WrapText {

Alternatively, you can use the extended properties in your widget (name: style, value: "white-space:normal;").

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