Mechanism to verify user activity

Mechanism to verify user activity

Hi there, 

I'm planning on creating a mechanism that verifies whether some user is logged in for more than, lets say, 12 hours.

My first and fastest way is to create a timer that verifies that, and performs a forcelogout action(not talking in terms off the Outsystems session).
However, our internal costumer would like to see the operators have a notification box asking them to press the button in order to cancel the forcelogout process, or after 30s simply forcelogout them.

What I see here is a constraint where one user might close the IE window, and so no validation can be done... So here it invalidates the notify button part, and simply forcelogout the user.

I also don't know whether it is possible to achieve it through a timer... Don't think it might be.

Can anyone help me?

One side note: I'm not talking about the session where you login in the top right corner of the browser. Our webapp, when we do that login, goes to a second login phase where we actually record the operator login time.

Nuno Silva
What about a piece of javascript-timer that calls a webservice?

or you might want to check out: