What happens when your Platform license expires?

The doubt is pretty much the same of the subject. Which limitations will you have? The site will be offline? Tks!
Hi Carlos,

If your licence becomes invalid, you will see a bug red alarm in your service center. You should keep an eye on your service center, but we believe you do :).

Aditionaly to the simple alarm, there are impacts to your applications, na,ely:
 - 1-Click Publish is disabled;
 - Some features of Service Center become unavailable;
 - Applications are taken offline

In any case, any particular scenario and the ways to prevent downtime on critical applications should be discussed with your account manager.


Tks Pedro!

We pay attention but is always good to know what happens if we don't pay attention :) Basically, development is jeopardize but the production server, with the deployed application, continues to work as expected right?

Hi again Carlos!

As with everything in life... it depends :)

I've edited my reply just to make it clear. 

You should really check with your account manager.