Displaying a structure record list and List Navigation

Displaying a structure record list and List Navigation

I'm using a Table Record widget to display a record list of structure records.

I also have a ListNavigation widget linked to the Table Record widget.

All seems fine, but when I click on the 'next' link it refreshes the record table, but does not move to the next set of records.  it appears to be a problem getting the Start Index value incremented.

How do you do that when using a structure record list (not a SQL data record list) ?

- Pete
Hi Peter,

In your Table Record what is the Start Index filled with?
It should be something like this: List_Navigation_GetStartIndex(YourTableName.Id, True)

João Rosado

I'm having exactly the same problem as Peter. And my start index is filled correctly as you can see. What else could be wrong?

Regards, Leen Rietveld.

I was running into a similar problem to what was initially described here and what I ended up finding was the problem was I didn't have an Ajax Refresh on my Navigation widget in the destination Screen Action. The index was getting set properly, but the UI wasn't showing that and it resulted in very strange behavior. Not sure if this is the same problem you were running into, but thought I would share what I ran into.