how to get Combo box select value in table record widget

I have a combobox, Its values are from static entity.
The combo box is placed in the Table record. There is a execute button in next column.
How can i get the selected value of combo box. I always get the first value no matter what i select in the combobox.

Hi Navratn,

I think the problem might be related with the data binding. Check out this instructional video the example is for an EditRecord but you can map it to a TableRecords. The key to the solution is to bind the combobox variable to the widget's record, in your case the TableRecords' record. Also check out the reference help for the combobox widget.

Attention to map it.
In the properties of the combobox a variable is like: TableRecordsName.List.Current.Table.Attribute
Hi Luis, the data in combobox is not coming from the query that fills the TableRecord. Its is loaded from a static table.