"RememberLogin" not working on iPhone Safari?

"RememberLogin" not working on iPhone Safari?

We have a lot of users on iPhones who always need to re-enter their usernames/passwords, even though our mobile mlogin page has "RememberLogin" set to "True".

Anyone else experience this? Is this a bug? Do they need to change settings on their phones?

Hi Justin,

Yes, that's usually related to the cookies setting on the phone.
Check this for instructions: http://rf.com/how-to/how-to-enable-cookies-on-the-iphone/

Goncalo -

Yes, the problem is, even though our users have their settings set to "Accept From Visited", they STILL get these issue from time to time.

The amount of effort and time we spend dealing with iOS-specific bugs and issues is amazing. It is very, very frustrating. We've lost a lot of time this week because "position: fixed" to put something at the bottom is totally broken on iOS 6 when the keyboard is being used...