Avoiding Circular Reference


I have two applications lets say "ParentApp" and "ChildApp". I am referring "ParentApp" in "ChildApp" and I also need the link of "ChildApp" in "ParentApp" but, while doing this it creates circular reference.

Is there any way to avoid circular reference? Please advise.

Please note that, there is one to one relation between these two applications.

Sagar S. Nannaware

Consider, splitting your eSpaces up into seperate modules

For example

  1. Interface + Logic/Data OR
  2. Interface + Logic + Data (Recommended)^ OR
  3. Follow Outsystems Development Best Practices

  • <eSpace>, E.g "Account"
  • <eSpace>Services, E.g "AccountServices"
  • <eSpace>Data, E.g "AccountData"
If it's just a link (a href) in, for example your menu, you might consider creating the link not by reference by via the "GetEntryURL" or even ExternalURL.