Login Action Reseting UserName and Name in Database


I recently upgraded a server from version 5.1 to version 6.0.25.

I migrated all the users from enterprise Manager to Users espace and all went  smooth and without any kind of problems. The migrated users display correctly in the serverip/users page.

I replaced the Login actions from the enterprise Manager to the Users equivalent actions. Updated the TenantID's 
and changed the user provider to Users and published the espaces.

All the problems come after that. When i try to authenticate, after i press login button, the user with wich i try to authenticate gets "updated". The username and Name is set to empty and the password stays the same and the user fails to authenticate.

Has anyone experienced this kind of behaviour?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Fábio,

Did you also change the User Provider in all your eSpaces?
Or maybe some action in your eSpaces are still calling methods from EnterpriseManager.

Hello João,

Thanks for the fast reply, yes i changed all the user providers.

This happens on my "old espace", if i create a new espace, it all goes smooth and as planned. 

I guess i have some "mole" in my old space. I will try to find it, and, if it's relevant i will update this post.

Once again, thanks for the fast reply.
All the Best,
I think you have somewhere an action of the Enterprise Manager being called.
That triggers the Enterprise Manager "Session Start" action that tries to do some syncronization.

If that's the case you need to either find what action of EnterpriseManager is being called and replace it (look at your references)
Another solution, if you not using Enterprise Manager at all, you can try to open it and delete the OnSessionStart action.

João Rosado
I did another check and i still had one Enterprise manager Action, i was almost sure i had removed them all. But i guess assumption is the mother of all screwups! :D

I removed it and it's working now ;) 

Thanks João Rosado ;)