- Release candidate or stable version? - Release candidate or stable version?

A week or two ago, I saw listed as "Release Candidates" and now they are not.

Are the versions actually release candidates, or are they stable releases? We have been waiting on fixes in, but we can't deploy RC's.


Hi Justin,

Downloads in the folder http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkDocuments/DownloadsEntry.aspx?VirtualDirectoryId=68 are GA releases.

All releases first are placed as "Release Candidates" (in http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkDocuments/DownloadsEntry.aspx?VirtualDirectoryId=70) and after a week (if all goes well) they move to the main folder as "General Availibility".

João Rosado
Joao -

Thanks! I don't recall that being the policy before, is this a new process?

I didn't knew this policy too.
It would be nice if that kind of "move" was present as an highlighted alert when it occurs.
Just a tip..

Kind Regards,
Gonçalo Martins
It's always been like this, as far I remember.
Just probably not explained like that.

As for the notifications ...they are supposed to do that also.
I can see them marked as "New".

João Rosado
"It's always been like this, as far I remember."

Yup. Release Candidate versions go into the, erm..., Release Candidates folder.

At least since OutSystems does "Release Candidates"... Not sure they had them in the 3.x days! :)

And the description of Release Candidates always begins with
"This is a Release Candidate version, made available during its maturation period for the Community's convenience. Unless this version fixes problems that are highly affecting you, it shouldn't be installed in production environments."
and have for as long as I rememeber too.

No, what looks like it has changed is the conversion of a release candidate to a stable release. Previously, there would be a release candidate, and that version would ALWAYS be a release candidate, and the stable release would be a new version. And it's been like that every since I can remember until the last few weeks or months.


Well, maybe they tested it and figured they could promote it to stable release... But the downloads area is a bit confusing, I have to agree. When one goes here (https://www.outsystems.com/NetworkDocuments/DownloadsEntry.aspx?VirtualDirectoryId=0) by clicking the Downloads tab, both release candidates and stable releases are shown together.

On the other hand, we've just upgraded to it and we're having a few problems with it. So maybe it's not that stable...

The Agile Platform release process is quite simple, and is been around for quite some time:
  1. Agile Platform revision components are placed under "Agile Platform M.n\Release Candidates\" and it indicated in the document that it's a Release Candidate version.
  2. After about 1 week, or 5 working days, if no critical problems were found in this revision:
  • the same revision (binaries) are moved to GA folder "Agile Platform M.n\";
  • the revision description is updated by removing the Release Candidate information;
  • the revision will also be included in the next OutSystems Community digest email.

When you access directorythe "Downloads" page you are presented with all documents available for you, and these documents are ordered by publication date. So, if you do not select a specific download folder, you will see all release candidates and general availability documents.

João Portela
Joao -

If this has been the process for some time, then there has been a problem with the email notifications, because it was not until the new Community site (or around that time) that I ever saw a release candidate become a stable version!

Either way, it's nice to know what the process is, thanks!

Hi guys,

I've checked with the team, and it looks like the missing GA notifications (email digests) was a side effect of the new Community developments.
The problem was already fixed, so next GA notifications should work correctly.

I also defected a smaller problem with the email notifications (downloads section) but I'm not sure if it was already fixed. I'll also check this on next Agile Platform releases.

Thanks & Regards,
João Portela