How to create 'n' number of show records (or tabs)

I appologize if there is already a post that explains this. I didn't know quite how to search for it. My situation is that of camp or retreat. I have an entity for the camp. I also have an entity for lodgings for these camps (let's call them cabins). So, I can have 'n' number of cabins for any given event. Each of those cabins has specific atributes to it. I am wanting to build a single event "show" page that has a tab called "Cabins". This part is no problem. On that "Cabins" tab or page, I would like to show each cabin specific to that event on the page as its own show record widget with their own specific attributes (or more tabs would be fine), but all of them on the same single page. Is there a way for me to set up a dynamic number of show record widgets, or tabs using the tab widget?
Hi Guy,

I would say to, first off, build a webblock with the info to be shown in each tab.
Then on the page where you want to show the dynamic tabs, put a container (with style 'Tabs_Wrapper') with the Tabs_ClientSide widget in it, followed by a ListRecord (with the SourceRecordList of the cabins to be shown).
In this ListRecord place another container (with style 'Tabs_TabBody') with the initial built webblock in it.

Hope this short but sweet explanation helps out.
Let me see if I understand this correctly. You are saying to make a ListRecord that basically generates a dynamic list of webblocks that will be rendered as tabs by the widget?
I think you understand it correctly :)