WebBlock caching

WebBlock caching

Hello :)

Does anyone know of a way to cache a webblock using the "Cache in Minutes" setting *per user*? The thing is, because this relies on the .NET Cache, it's per application, not per user.

Sure, I could add a UserMasterId parameter but that's not really an option since that would involve changing all the webscreens and we have way too many of them for that to be an option.

So, any other ideas?


Hi Carlos,

There's a "workaround", but might not be awesome...
Copy that webblock, and add a new parameter on the copied one: UserMasterId.
Delete all logic, UI from the original one and drag the copied one inside, pass all parameter received by the outer webblock to the inner webblock + the value for the new parameter: Login_GetUserMasterId(). Cache the inner block.

Not the prettiest solution, but perhaps the most feasible.

If you have a problem, just create another layer of abstraction! :)

Hope it helps

That might actually work!