[Drag and Drop] Similar to "Sortable" component

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Published on 2018-10-30 by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 2018-10-30 by Johan den Ouden
I'd suggest that you take a look at the "Sortable" component, which is basically the same thing, and has some functionality this one doesn't. Maybe you can join that team, review our work, and we can make sure that we don't have too many similar component in the Forge?

Hi Justin,

I completelly agreed with you, and I did search for "Drag and Drop" components, however, there are 2 things that distinguish this one from the others:
- fully integrated with platform: the person that will be using this component do not need to know anything about javascript or jQuery. All the elements are webblocks with placeholders.
- tablets friendly: this component was specifically created to work with tablets (jQuery UI, for now doesn't work!)

This being said, I'll change the component name, to clarify it!

Ruben -

I beleive that if you look at the "Version History", you'll see in a "Developer Release" that addresses those items. I put the Touch Punch in a few weeks ago, and I'll be adding multi-column too. :D

Even still, it's great to see components for OutSystems getting a lot of attention!

I'd still encourage you to think about merging yours with ours. I already handled some tricky work around AJAX Refresh, for example.

Ah damn, didn't see that...
Give me sometime, and I'll join forces with you and Renato! ;)